MinerWorld sees the digital currency market as an universe of opportunity. So it invests in researches, minning of cryptocurrency, relationship, new products and exchange. By means of a serious, limitless and sustainable job, it gives the opportunity of good income for it's investors.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is way more than money or a digital currency. It is also a global borderless payment system that works in a total decentralized way, it doesn't depend on a government or a bank. It's about a technology that is capable of changing the human history, it's capable of changing the world as we know it. All transactions can be made in a click of the mouse, no matter the value and the tax is the same. Between all the characteristics of bitcoin, one is essential: Bitcoin can't be confiscated, besides of being cheap, easy access, safe, no intermediaries and, you are your own bank.

Known as "digital gold", the process of transactions validation is called "minning". Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, and it is changing money, business and the world. By the use of this tool, the transactions are verified and stored with safety. It is already considered "the greater technological invention after the internet itself".

What is minning?

The Bitcoin transactions are made between 2 points, it's what we call P2P(Peer to Peer) without the intermediation of a particular entity, working in a decentralized way. While making a Bitcoin transaction, it is sent to the Blockchain. As it gets into the Blockchain, the transaction is included in the block along with a complex math test which takes billions of calculations per second to be reproduced(it's what's called cryptography). This requires that miners perform those calculations before their blocks are accepted by the network and they get awarded for it. The more people start to mine, the more difficult it is to find new valid blocks, this happens to ensure that the time to find a block stays the same(about 10 minutes).

Bitcoin miners won't process fraudulent transactions that could corrupt the Bitcoin network since the network rejects any blocks with invalid data according to the Bitcoin protocol rules. Therefore, the network remains safe, even if not all the miners can be trusted.

This way, as a way of reward for every miner for it's calculations effort, equipment investing and energetic costs, the blockchain creates, in every cycle, 12.5 Bitcoins and pays, proportionally, a fraction of these Bitcoins for each minner, according to their percentage of solved blocks.

This is what MinerWorld does. We have our last generation equipment, that are constantly in growth, as new investors come to be part of the company, this causes our mining power to rise more and more and, consequently, our mining reward.

In this business, both the investor and the company win. Alone, without knowing how, you'd probably have a tiny little chance of profiting in mining. Our company has knowledge, structure and experience. Without You, our growth would be very slower, but for each one of You, our number of solved blocks rises more and more and therefore we get more Bitcoins as reward.

Nothing fairer than both parts sharing this reward, isn't this true? That's how MinerWorld works: transparent and fair manner.

Bitofertas Exchange

BitOfertas Exchange, is an essential partnership for one of the steps in the process that involves Bitcoin. It's about an exchange where any person can buy, sell or trade Bitcoin.

We provide an especial experience with greate support and safe negociation, for the experiencied traders but also for the beginners who have almost none knowledge.

Bonding all our businesses together, the Exchange BitOfertas came to fill the gap in the exchanges market.

BitOfertas App

BitOfertas is the definitive solution to popularize Bitcoin in the market, being the first app in the world that connects buyers and sellers using Bitcoin as main payment method. Through BitOfertas, we solve from the beggining to the end of a transaction that involves trading bitcoin. Besides, the MinerWorld affiliates can count on a exclusive authorization to resell BitOfertas' licenses.

Where to buy with Bitcoin

The app is also a way for buyers to pay for products and services using Bitcoin since it redirects the customer directly to companies and stores that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Through BitOfertas the users get access to numerous stores and places that accept the digital currency and are near. It is also a safe and fast way to turn Bitcoins in local currency sending it directly to the user bank account.


Using cryptography,our system ensures total safety to the transactions, making it safe and tranquil for the user to make transactions.

Need more Bitcoin?

Integrated automatically to the exchange(BitOfertas), the user can buy the currency without leaving the app, with total safety and quickness.

No monthly payment

On the contrary of traditional credit card machines, this app does not charges for monthly payments and doesn't charge usage fees, reducing then the high fees that traditional methods bring to the sellers.

Multilevel Marketing

In your time, in your way and with fruit of your effort, we can change lives everyday. What about be paid according to your effort? In the Multilevel Marketing freams come true.

What's Multilevel Marketing?

Multilevel Marketing is a system where the company directly hits the final customer with no intermediates, bring able then to pay better it's affiliates, for it doesn't have high expenses with sectors that use to cost a lot with advertisement and propaganda. The Multilevel Marketing has been changing lives and here in MinerWorld it is not different. Utilizing a well programmed and calculated system, our business plan offers an excellent opportunity for You to reach your dreams and have a good life quality.