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We're a digital coins company and use technologies that revolutionize the global and borderless payment system. With a technological base in Cidade Del Leste, Paraguay, we count on a inovative and modern minning park in China, besides many customer services independent bases on Brazil's capitals and other South America countries. We were built with the will to bring revolution in the way people deal with the financial market all around the world.We represent a digital revolution, a one-way road forward in the technological tendencies. With a variety of possibilities, innovation and entrepreneurship, MinerWorld operates in important segments of the digital currency market. With a worldwide presence and constant growth, we share a real opportunity of a better world with commited professionals.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a company that is world reference in innovation to business by means of digital currency.


To be one of the greatest digital currency companies in the world by 2020.

Our Mission

M1. To transform lives by means of Multi-level Marketing.

M2. To help strengthen the free digital currency market.

M3. To utilize new technologies in favor of the society.

Cícero Saad President
Graduated in advertising and marketing, postgraduate in corporative communication, studied business management in Concordia Institute Of Business, New Zeland. Reponsible for the contruction and management of the companie's image, as well as of all the enviroment that it is involved on.
Jonhnes Carvalho Marketing director
Graduated in advertising and marketing, master in cinema, graduated in law, specialization in tax law, leads the company with vision and transparency. His dream is to witness digital currency being used by all means of market, besides bringing a real life transformation opportunity to as many people as possible.

"Being part of MinerWorld is to be proud of, we have an engaged, entrepreneur and commited team. Many news are still to come, to share the victory with everyone, this is the meanning of being MinerWorld!

Two of our values are the love and pride for what we are and what we do. I thank all the team for all the support received and I hope we can grow even more together"